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>> it's g.p. and the fergs epilogue. [meow] [laughter] craig: it has been a long night, g.p.. geoff: it sure has, pal. i mean, sure has, the fergs.
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[laughter] craig: why am i called the fergs. why not just fergs? geoff: you're the one that said it one time. craig: no, you came up with the idea, didn't you? geoff: oh, hell. [laughter] craig: do i really have hair under my eyes? geoff: i don't know about that, but you smell like a flamingo. craig: goorningts everybody.
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hours. when will he give hours. when will he give hiding from police on the side of a bay area cliff for more than 24 hours when will he give up? >> it's a case that could redefine silicon valley invasion. why two bay area men are gearing up to fight one of the biggest bike companies in the world. >> so many poisonous drugs so much chemotherapy you can't help but feel lifeless. >> there has been significant progress on the war on cancer but it's not all good news. who continues to fight a losing battle against that deadly disease. good evening i'm ken bastida. >> i'm dana king. 29 hours and counting that's how long it's believed a burglary suspect has been hiding out on a shear cliff in
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san francisco. >> today police decided to back off instead of going after him. linda ye tells us why >> reporter: the question tonight is is he still here. 45 minutes ago a lot of excitement two patrol cars came storming in here flashlights going lights all over. there were reports from somebody who called in the possibility that man may have been seen walking down off this cliff. >> now we have been here all night. we didn't see anything, but it's very clear that there are nerves around here because everybody's worried the burglar is still around. it's dark, the floodlights are gone and if he's still here, the suspect is alone. earlier tonight police pulled back no longer waiting for the suspected burglar to come out of hiding. police crisis negotiators have made contact with him they discovered his first name is dan. >> he says he's not going to talk to us but he does keep answering our questions
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regarding whether he wants us to help him or not. he says he doesn't want help and you wants us to leave. >> reporter: and so they did. they have been trying to coax him out of his dangerous cliff side hiding spot since 6:30 last night. officers say it's too dangerous to go in and get him. it's a jagged cliff with a shear drop. the stubborn suspect's notoriety has drawn the curious. >> the hillside is unbelievable it's beautiful. i can't believe anyone is on the face of the hill. >> reporter: police say they will patrol through the night just in case the suspect wants help. so question tonight is could somebody survive in this area for nearly 28 hours. well what i'm learning tonight ken from officers that were just here, there is a cave up there, and it's possible he may have found the cave. >> no police around right now. it's dark. he's been there 24, 28 hours, something like that. anybody expecting him to leave tonight? >> reporter: well, somebody thought they may have saw him leave but you know it's really
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hard to say. it's a dangerous treacherous drop. so if he did come off down that hill it would have been a miracle. you know about four years ago another burglar on a nearby cliff also tried to do the same thing he fell to his death. >> thank ulin today. a 90-year-old marin county man is recovering after taking a bullet in the face. police say he was defending himself after an intruder broke down the door of his greenbrae home. but sharon chin shows us the would be burglar picked the wrong man to mess with. >> reporter: police search for evidence where a 90-year-old landlord got into a shootout with a burglar. tenant sarah .5 advisemented him in the hospital. >> the bullet went from the cheek through the mouth and got out here at the lower -- it's a miracle it didn't break any
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bones. >> reporter: she was in her unit when she heard gunfire around 1:45 this morning. an armed intruder kicked open the front door. >> i believe he was shot in the torso, leg and arm. >> reporter: the suspect shot leon he in the face. neighbors who have known him for decades say they are not surprised he took action since he said was a wwii fighter pilot and former sheriff's deputy. >> he's a very agile intelligent alert 90-year-old. he just turned 90 on december 26th, and i think that he would be the type of person that would defend his property. >> reporter: police say after the suspect got away he called 911. some neighbors watching him get into the ambulance couldn't believe how strong he is. >> i was so surprised how he walked. >> reporter: police say the
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suspect samuel c got a mile away in a car that isn't his. he called 911 saying he had shot himself. officers took him into custody. he did prison time for stabbing a pedestrian 11 years ago. police say the burglary appears random but some neighbors are taking precautions. >> i'm making sure my door is locked all the time. >> reporter: as for leon he he did always what he said he would. >> if somebody comes in i'm going to shoot him. >> reporter: both men are listed in stable condition at marin general hospital. the suspect faces charges of burglary and attempted murder. sharon chin cbs 5. a gathering tonight at the spot where a 5-year-old oakland boy was shot and killed last week. the friends, family, even strangers showed up lit candles to remember gabriel martinez. he was outside his family's taco truck when suddenly someone opened fire hitting the
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boy. the suspect still has not been caught. a funeral for gabriel will be held friday. another candlelight memorial for a woman killed in a car accident yesterday morning. police say 25-year-old emily both day 0 had just turned from dunbar ton avenue on to kurt near avenue when she was hit by two vehicles. no traffic signal at that intersection it's blind. police say no one was intoxicated no one was arrested. she is the first traffic fatality of the year for san jose. a day of big shake upper in the republican presidential race after the iowa caucuses. >> the field of contenders is narrowing and the candidates remaining are picking up significant endorsements. randall pinkston on how the candidates are now looking ahead to new hampshire. >> reporter: mitt romney walked into new hampshire with a win in his pocket. >> i sure hope to be able to get your support in this upcoming primary. >> reporter: but tuesday's
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iowa caucus turned the race on its head. romney winning by a mere 8 votes to rick santorum who campaigned hard in everyone of iowa's 99 counties. >> game on. >> reporter: overnight santorum banked over $1 million in small donations. >> we believe we can move up and show momentum here too. >> reporter: still romney is the man to beat in next tuesday's new hampshire primary. polls show he holds a double digit lead and wednesday he picks up an endorsement from senator john mccain. >> i think he can restore our economy. that's the number one issue. >> reporter: newt gingrich came in fourth in iowa. his team hopes to catch up in south carolina. but he isn't throwing in the towel in new hampshire. on wednesday he took out this full page add calling the former massachusetts governor a timid moderate. michele bachmann dropped out of the race after finishing 6th. rick perry finished 5th but saying he is staying in. he called iowa a quirky place
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he's hoping for a comeback in south carolina. >> we're going to go into places where they have actual primaries and they are going to be real republicans voting. >> reporter: john huntsman is on the campaign trail after skipping iowa. the former utah governor has already attended 150 events in new hampshire. randall pinkston cbs newsman chester new hampshire. state lawmaker and outspoken gun rights advocate has been cited for trying to carry a loaded gun on to a plane. the tsa says republican assemblyman tim donnelly had a colt 45 and an extra magazine in his brief case when he was stopped at ontario international this morning. he says he stowed the weapon there over the weekend and completely forgot he had it. >> i made a terrible regrettable mistake by carrying a firearm into the airport. and you know, i'm deeply sorry for the trouble i caused and
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inconvenience to people who were traveling. and it was a mistake. >> donnelly is a staunch supporter of gun rights and vocally opposed the state's new open carry ban. he was cited on a misdemeanor charge and released. the annual reno air races are still on for this fall despite last year's deadly crash. 11 people were killed and dozens more injured when a plane veered out of control and slammed into spectators. organizers say a panel of experts will be enlisted to ensure this year's event is safe. it's set for mid september. other headlines now police have asked the san francisco zoo not to hand out its $5,000 reward for the return of a stolen monkey he at least not yet. officers say they consider the man who returned banana sam to the zoo a person of interest in this case. he told police he found the monkey in stern grove park near the zoo and then coaxed him into his backpack. the monkey was apparently
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stolen friday from an exhibit. facebook may face a lawsuit. the city of east palo alto is not happy with the social networking site's recent move to menlo park. they want to face the impact of the expansion. they are concerned about the effects of growth traffic and housing. the city council will decide on whether to file a lawsuit at a meeting at city hall tomorrow. demolition on san francisco county jail number 3 in san bruno started today. that jail was built around the same time as alcatraz. it was considered an earthquake risk and closed 6 years ago after a federal lawsuit. a new jail was built next-door. santa clara counties courtroom tomorrow opening arguments will begin in what's turned into a bitter bake feud. specials one of the largest makers of bicycle is going after two former employees and
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their growing business. specialize says it owns their ideas. robert choi and barley force man are the founders of very age he a start up bike maker. they are locked in a david and goliath court battle in a case that could redefine silicon valley invasion. >> to own a bike company is my dream and that would be very difficult to give up. >> reporter: in 2010 the two men quit their jobs at sperms and started making carbon road bikes with disk brakes and seat stay. >> what this does it gives the bike a little bit of flex and makes those long rides that much more comfortable. i tell you what, it works. >> reporter: but shortly after it debuted specialized sued claiming the two men violated their confidentiality agreement that says in part all-in vehicless which result from work performed by me alone or
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with others on behalf of specialized shall be the property of specialized. so the question the judge must answer is that if you work for a company and you sign a confidentiality agreement does that company own every single thought and idea that goes on in your brain 24/7. >> i think it would be just horrendous if you were not able to do something like that and saying that you owe everything that you've done whether it's on your free time on the weekends or anything else or any idea that you have is actually owned by the company that you work for. >> reporter: they had nothing to do with frame design at specialize and say they came up with the ideas on their off time. >> it's the american way. this is freedom to start your own company, to do your own thing to be the master of your own future. >> reporter: lawyers for spend had no men but are demanding tens of thousands of royalties and millions of dollars in damages from future lost sales. the two men sold their homes and cashed out their 401k to
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fight one of the biggest bike companies in the world. >> we would be left with nothing. so we only have one choice is to fight and to pursue what we think is right. >> reporter: in san jose cbs 5. by the time you realize what you have systemically it's probably too late. >> there has been progress on the war in cancer but it's not all good news. the largely unknown group fighting a losing battle against the deadly disease. already worried about the upcoming tax filing season. why you'll have a little more time to file this year. and the hot, dark lost world uncovered at the bottom of the
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. turns out you will have a couple of extra days to do your taxes this year. the irs said today that 2012 tax filings will be due april 17th, that's a couple of days later than usual. april 15th falls on a sunday and that monday is emancipation day which is a holiday inn washington d. c. united airlines has more frequent fliers in the bay area than anyone else and loyalty miles stretch more than ever before. the parent company of united and continental just launched a new auction program allowing frequent fliers to bid their
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miles on unique experiences. they include a chance to pilot a united flight simulator, a ski get away for two or more and a trip to the summer olympics in london. we're making progress in the fight against cancer that's for sure. the american cancer society said today cancer death rates are going down. >> but as a doctor shows us there has not much improvement in teenagers and young adults. >> reporter: when carolyn hail counsels young people with cancer at a vanderbilt children's hospital she speaks from experience. 10 years ago at age 13 she complained of back pain. doctors said it was from her backpack but she turned out to have nonhodgkins lymphoma wrapped around her spine. >> they hit you with so many poisonous drugs so much chemotherapy you can't help but feel lifeless. >> reporter: carolyn is part of a largely unknown group in
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the war on cancer. adolescents and young adults ages 15 to 39 account for 72,000 cans serious every year. unlike other groups their mortality rates have not improved. >> our peers are suffering because there's not been medical advances that have trickled down to our age group. >> reporter: after surviving brain cancer at age 21. matthew zachary founded an organization called stupid cancer. >> young adults get cans serious that are easily screened they get hodgkins czar could ma not detectable cancers. they screen you for hodgkins but there's no such test. by the time you realize what you have symptomly it's too late stage 4. >> reporter: it could leave a lifetime of complications from the treatment. hale needed hip surgery in high school. last year zachary suffered a stroke. >> what's your journey been. what have you found out what does it tell you about the
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system. >> i found out the system is really broken. that when the doctor says you're cured go home that's not the end of the story. you have the rest of your life to get busy living through the challenges and consequences of not dying from your treatment. >> reporter: for zachary those consequences included losing his career and infertility. but after 9 years of trying he and his wife jessica had twins. >> when you're 60 years old you don't care about fertility. when you're 6 you don't care about fertility. when you're 21 or 28 or you have a child and you want to have a child or your chemotherapy makes you combo dent and infertile you have the right to live you have the right to have children and that should not be taken away from you. this is a unique issue that only faces people in their fertile years which are largely young adults. >> reporter: both carolyn hail and matthew zachary were misdiagnosed and researchers are only now starts go focus on special needs of this group.
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scientists have scoffed a lost world of sorts at the bottom of the ocean near antarctica. they found sea creatures that have never been seen before new species of crabs, star fish barnacles see a a them knee. this is between 13,000 and 16,000 feet down and it's hot down there. the water temperatures can soar to almost 720 degrees fahrenheit. >> so what with that be in celsius. why was it so record dry in the month of december here in the bay area and then now we have record warmth in january? what to expect now for your thursday as eyewitness n
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. we had three record high temperatures and now we have a common scene across the bay area it's actually not that rare but it's always so cool when you get a chance to see. we're looking at 80% if you look very careful. get a little bit closer to your tv set there's actually a hay look it's called a lunar halo
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it's caused by cirrus clouds that are up 20,000 feet you have the light shining through the clouds that contain millions and millions of ice crystals and it causes a hay look. lots of people writing in about that tonight. mean while let's head out live to coit tower mostly cloudy skies in san francisco. 54 degrees. meanwhile we do have the clouds rolling in over the entire bay area. not really clear out until friday. north of the golden gate bridge that's where we saw a high temp today 72 degrees in santa rosa. mean while in livermore the record was established 98 years ago we tied today. it gives you a good idea that it really doesn't get this mild this time of the year. tonight not as cold is the result of the mild airmass. tomorrow mostly cloudy and not as mile. in fact tonight overnight it looks like we will have the clouds rolling over into the daytime forecast into the 60s. there the area of low pressure where the clouds are streaming from banking over the ridge of
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high pressure so the end result is it's a dirty ridge of high pressure it will be partly to mostly cloudy for your thursday. tonight 40s across therd boo. it calls for less clouds on friday and nothing but offshore flow over the weekend. that is the pinpoint forecast. haden this, you have what? >> i have exclusive video tonight of one of the country's top wrestlers letters in action we've got his match. i'm dennis and you have to wonder about the long
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answer that....but that's te . what were you doing on valentine's day 1997? never mind don't answer that. but that is the last time the warriors won a game in san a. 26 straight losses for the warriors at the river walk. stephan curry had 20 points in the 3rd quarter. another noncontact ankle sprain the third time that that has happened this year. he's out. but the warriors had a five point lead to start the fourth. monte two of his 38 to keep the lead at 4 points. but san antonio was not ready for this streak to die. richard jefferson from the corner hits the three to give the spurs the lead for good. tony parker had 10 in the 4th quarter. the spurs out score the warriors by 11 in the final frame and win 101-95. mark jackson suddenly realizing i'm not a miracle worker after all. everyone's favorite potty he mouth hockey coach bruce boudreau ducks hosting the sharks.
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brad winchester rips one to try the game at 1. 27 seconds later logan couture rebound put back by ben information yell. the sharks snap a five game losing streak. 3-1. did you know the wrestling team is ranked 5th in the state with one guy going to columbia. >> it's like a brotherhood at our school we're all there for each other. you'll probably see we jump up and cheer for each other a lot more than other teams. >> it's the culture of the school that brings the kids together it transcends the school and the athletic program. >> facing brett lewis gets the take down he's going to show him the lights. money a is the two-time section champ he carries 4.5 gpa. he thought about stanford he thought about duke he's going to columbia. he scores second round pin.
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time for the wednesday night top 5. never take your frustrations out on the seat you'll end up like this poor guy. number 4 canadian center les eler had 9 career goals prior to tonight. he had four goals tonight. montreal beat winnipeg. orange bowl clemson fumbles at the goal line picked up by darwin cook 99 yards for the score and then he takes outs the orange bowl mascot west virginia big 70-33 tonight. number 2 kings and nuggets. fast break for denver rudy fernandez saves it from going out of bounds lobs its out the nuggets or the winsers. the fourth goalie in english premier soccer league history to score a goal. the win aided the ball takes a big bounce over the opposing goalie and goes in from 100 yards out. that is the number one play of the night. >> you like that wrestling
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story didn't you. >> yeah. hey former wrestle letters from northgate high school. usually i was the one seeing all the lights. >> you're like a feather weight. >> i can relate to the poor guy. >> is that a complement ,,

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